Thursday, September 25, 2014

Do you downsize? Can you?

kari edwards: “...mercury poisoning / abandoned

to loading docks door prize / all well meaning

track homes.” P Inman’s Echelon hairnet thumb-nailed

into one agreement beset by red tide warnings,

hot, dizzy, the environment calms down, thirsting,

incapacitating northeastern beach personalities, split,

calibrated mostly by a ruckus-like technology / outreach

where all the jazz wears off. (They’re both full tilt.)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sonnet to the people at Boeing, since the poor make us sick

— stuck, instead, learning plane facts by heart in capsule surveys

: tempo noncommittal (not nothing) if you don’t inhabit what you’re saying, shhhh ...
Yes, fool, you slick intern online — bobbing head,

Learning about how to learn are neat (fatuous) even if your power won’t count
when we begin to edge away.

We have to trust you on these matters. One apiece.

We’ll provide all of the paragon on screen. When you come to a 3-syllable you don’t
recognize, you can just look down and see its puny disentanglement.

I’m no model, I just look like one. (Helen Vendler)

As we advance, there are 44 thousand voice-to-gifs with references from which
to plagiarize a response, while materials become more germane, less error-
prone, building on what’s been said

yielding access to the obscure but brightest sof’ freaks — handsome, least
sniffed all over, never complicated, staring down your bitewing. Ask your financial

Thursday, September 18, 2014

This was worked on, from D.C.’s escorts: “You can change yourself into infinity, but still get the changes to the location from where you left...” That feels clear in a symbolic realm. It’s a higher amendment.

Again, I’m doing an accordion fold, a plu-construction of the escort’s sensibility (as if I know what any 1 syllable of that means). Reverse stabbings thru-out, they concern writing and writing-2 who meet up in a fixed-action pattern within rational yet imprecise kairos, recycling once or twice.

There are episode interiors silhouetted in un-analytical projections of glass that screen the ‘official’ episode. However I believe we’re past the middle and nearing the end of 1; the outlines say there’s a Majesty Double interior where writing adjusts to incidents of long division, complex facticity that writing-2 tears open and begins to pick at to pay writing off in disappointment, near failure — both writing and writing-2 climbing uphill and sliding back down just before turning 17, biting down, gritting their teeth, growing up.

There’s improvisatory depth to one surface and to their despairing perceptions of what won’t be retained, nothing prime to curate or disbelieve. Writing is a little wiped. So is writing-2. The drawing of the accordion is frowning, ready to be seen. 2 is blabbing. Writing is a little fucked up too. “Just starting one.” “Cool.” The thing is not to get fucked up too often.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Teaching bests year to date. (Interest charged.) Teaching is something.

Vicarious is not strong enough. I repeat, submission smiling up a precursor, optimism goes under rewrite as you profess it, flips genres beside you, changes minds while in sleep.

I believe you’re a flaneur. Sign within (above x).

Then seed money flows, sounding as half-tuned as any easy resolution, no anxiety. That’s first, nex..

Inner and outer merge in the skull. Affection can’t be broken down, a starry equity in neurons?

Frankly hot-dogging like this can’t be taught.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fearing contact after the silence I thrust a penknife, buried it hilt-deep in your ribs. The perverted best part was how I occupied your emotional life, the highest in Japan. The guardian part made this a better world with a splash of blood on my shirt. It’s for you, Jack.

No shortcuts. Nope, there’s sizzle of homeless autosuggestion in manifold sex, climbing in the mist. I’m pointing to what’s right in design, placing my bets, because there’s neighboring moisture on branches. Why does life outdoors get attended to like a pageant? Why are birds wearing outfits?

Before, I thought about fragrance that’s breath laughing letting you in. We’ll try more without a comma between the whereness on the tongue, perfunctory receding of the plane. Inside voices will take two bites then taking no steps at all, testifying for tangled freaks and standard-bearers.

Monday, September 15, 2014

We said nothing about your male whore sitting meditation, why?

His focus, cash on hand are immediate, overwhelming, no gloom,
Devisive & some. Hai. This may burn a little, two-star.

Two very different outcomes will equally square
What you hear with the apogee you are.

I stake my reputation on it, inscribing our illness, touting
you & kiss the air in your 1st mustache sense.

Self-barter, a potential volt in a then-this-is-now domain,
Lord hobo’s fat lips, wet. Brainy ellipses, & a big hand!

The future of the past was written as if the Northeast crawls
W/ shops like this, which are their symbolism weighing in (...vroom)

Based on trying to get to the gym, having an olive swelte
Protein shake, saying nothing about ..

Oh my god — I just remembered we can fly!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I despise my inabilities to be with you, my own undoing, John. Tomorrow will mete out facts to impel more comfortable indeterminacy — for now anxious telepaths, minus me, rush nimbus-wet in devotion to their next decimal of the property. This might be why we’ll read over the presentation, juggle a few heads

and let you know when.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

You’re on your own
as our only bard put it, face

Boiling angry sad practiced together.
Not pretty but there in print,

A back to romance pile-up. Rhythms about envy, fugue-sonata
moods for all time rigged

To a full position in some truce or august matter;
autumns & springs mutating so much the dark must be

The opposite of Kristy needs a foot job. We
& why by dint

Of no one that stayed home,
She don’t know we’re looking.

That’s her native name
slowed down to furnish the pace.

Monday, September 08, 2014