Thursday, April 24, 2014

A journal travels, calibrated by the ruckus-like paean spoken (rather than speaking) in a large-scale dialectic —

battery powered to sow maleness / seduction technology / outreach where all the jazz wears off.

We came with what we saw, and we sank together deliberately mismatched, yet ignited around the tips by deep compatibility. Vibrating skin written for the biggest down to the smallest, abstracted birches as a trick of light, a gift.

(They’re both good.)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Your mellowness operates a transferrable mind.

As it were. Yet it’s shameful to work for the state. How did Paulo Freire alone stand, pause and brush back his hair? others like him looking up like flight risks? To keep going we find little or no compromise.

The music seems headstrong.

Everything that is mined is structure to write or was when we were in Tacoma picking up fun Japanese. The miners described it as leaving gaps.

I hardly know you. And will never know you. We’ll give you a call.

“Great but I’ll just hold...”

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Realizing my dream performance in “Fidelio”
I am touched by everyone now alive,
softest jazz, lower right, someone’s lips moving up, down,
talking design shit. Someone’s naive mirror on sale, for example.
Florestan has everything he knows. How can a bantam weight =
feigner? his son asked over the phone.

Someone’s book is staring out the window, saved-up.
So, with regard to static and its ovoid, stasis
in a compulsive battle over an ultimate smiley face,
it’s not who grinned first that counts, but also wherever
and however. That’s my middle point for the interim
realizing my dream performance in “Fidelio.”

Monday, April 21, 2014

Some had swing

The scandal passed, hardly worth the coverage,
otherwise excellent. You saw that?

We got back into the van.

Do you own your swarm’s jackets? It seems relevant
if filed haphazardly under filming about a file,

“Ambient text file,” say;
her jaw trembled

while we run the Jewels.

Friday, April 18, 2014

All experience is seriously correct..
But what is Audi A-6?

Still how can it be effortless if I tell you what I’m doing?

I’m in no hurry. A life is charged
now on the menu. My head is cleared.

(Have to go.)

There he is preaching to tenors that need you.
(Drive safely.)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

There’re double credits working 5 fewer days than allowed. Ten hut. What service were you in?

Teaching can’t be taught. Ahem.

I remember looking up at you at Ahem feeling an urgency in ideas. Women to men:
We live in a debt growing country. Maximum restraint = get it done don’t talk to me.

Then let me pull an invisible to the eye hair off your blouse, have you over when sex and
teaching are what they should be, augmented with Pablo Tac bouquet, seeming for no end.

Seeming is a nice pace except for the plastic :
containers hanging along the bow : the cow
and top sails maximized along the side. ::

When stairwells mesh and go nowhere majorly,
between you and expulsion, the hole is closed. It’s a tic.
Turn here, there’s efficacy in speaking clearly, gesturing, knitting your own brow.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

To be faked out of a board game.

After button is pushed a model young theorist says hello, how are you, then reverses course. She
heads upstairs to an installation in perfect solitude.

I’ve heard that scream didn’t help but it did.

The spell for lunch today: slender objective on a square obstacle. Then follow instructions, slippers are warmed. Work is down in the sub-chambers, aimlessly glistening, before reaching glacier-elbow high water, everything in hierarchical Finland, which always works, works

A kimono has been entered, explaining sex without thinking, and with.

A fragrance is found shaking our heads, wiping our brows.

The same stairs float, for good, if they could.

Like all of the above and people going in and out of buildings, climbing steps, you’re one hundred percent normal to run up debt, heartbroken, also to downplay scene after scene, only springing or twisting into new life and with..

On second thought, the herd rushed to the rescue (there’s a deadline), a tumble of inventions, an ambush, a weakening of night to day — body in the hole — one enzyme waking up isolated, seeming Stinky. I touched it and it sprayed me.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A qualified blog reader or some other guy is making the ultimate comeback.

It worked once, or twice, but now we were searching for an obstacle by the fireside pumped with mandatory inflows of feel-

oops, they’re metering to block counterfeiters

doing physics or philosophy with a hen of steam: ergo verdicts are trifles beyond Krishna’s preproduction.


personnel will have to be shifted or fired
but come to work anyway, achieving a seeming
bliss of the non-willed state, enlightened but lacking design.

During the break we reached an agreement,
so the ham’s anger has hatched.. while no choice
enables the passing tourney among tense Fu dudes
to nuance the 3-in-1 innocents to proceed.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Watch the student’s eyes and say the manager is out.

The tank smoke is elevated. (Parens are back.)

One’s position is to find breathing room, so much so we can start over. Whom will you discover?

On the third post you really had us and were all over us. You didn’t have to what the hell? We told you we agreed a little but not a lot. (I forget now what you sound like.) Choked up by the blots running out, suspended. It’s unlikely there’s more about that future and of course less. And some things you need no repeat.

This was at the start. I know that. Taking chances put us in a lissome interpretive state (lissome like rebirth). Function varies widely. Lilac is so devoted a zest. Then it plummets into difficulty. Here we are, talking about it.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Big-eyed instincts?
to get out of the valise. We pirated the code.

You can’t say we pushed it out willingly (nurture, nature, frantic relaxation).

The fit was good.

I noticed you work under me to make your poise smoke
w/ the problem being

Long phials
of sulfuric fern, Fougères, the Germans say on the timetable:

What’s significant, half an hour
is later, painful moments were over, we realized