Monday, July 06, 2015

Peace, justice, ecology, all uplifting.
That’s not to say there’ll be no food.

But there’s no sponsor tie-in currently

— 4 plastic badges for now and pa-

Per sacks. Imitation spinner features, it’s
Just there’s the royal we (a pain) in game theory to pla

Y. This may be an insight

While I strive for positive letterform abstractions speed reading, but that alone
Is wearying.

That’s because I’m holding to superhumanly nudes
Bringing us closer to following your advice.


Also any emphasis prepares the manifold; earlier material representations, along with the mounting system, are the 1st probabilities of having you to touch, empowering mergers ’n exchange. That’s half of what has not been said.


Now you’re giving me the finger. Technically we’re not there yet.

                                                           (Maybe it was perfect to start

With also.)

If I give it back it’s about letting you go, taking me out of context,
And your Sprite. And that downsized color
In the atmosphere riding pleasure, then falling back and breathing while your
Rescuers get authenticated.

“Great I’ll hold...”

2 out of 2 observers were cut off. Innocent men on a wet
Highway, casually substituted.

During the break we reached an agreement.

Innocence concerns these ethics. Nature acts against self interests.
Adoration has a poetic scent as it pertains. You actually drain me.

Sunday, July 05, 2015

Cupid’s id? It’s a violent, smoking culture so we need straight talk.

It’s a gay culture so we need some of that. We’ve been up
for two centuries fighting overseas.
Head-on war is a mistake (Diane di Prima).

We always won, until Vietnam, fair and square, violent.

Cupid’s appeal? Direct appeal even if it’s imagined could be stark
for Samsung tastes. Here, that’s speaking practically.
There’s change with movement in overlaps.
For this half second the short answer is a teenager’s
you can scream open and enjoy.

I don’t know. Yes. Details collect. It’s a mad softness where
we’re going over one part, step after Santa Claus step
as mating instruction and human rights,
the amp and pan point in overdue time.

Friday, July 03, 2015

I thought you’d get it.

I wasn’t planning to write but I changed plans. If I were Ron Padgett I might have said I changed planes. On cue, he navigates a new visual plane, adjusts what can be seen for a line or two, then veers off with dashes added (or multiplied) to another illustration made humane and in searing words although his specialty is everyday words that are always humane-seeming and amazing in how they fit together just this once on this page in this poem. He’ll change planes a lot, losing his footing on the flat oily tarp, perplexed, take it outside a Rubik of a different color denatured by the octagonal gloom of hearing his thoughts erase similes, not needing traditional structures but throwing daylight out there between them to achieve a halo of wit with dimensionality for us to salivate over anyway, a blend of mesmerizing suspense and long-buried libido that reminds one one is reading poetry while famished, fasting, scrunched up in what feels like coach on a bi-plane skywriting. In one instance, we’re not amused, perhaps, to discover the plane is a midsize corporate jet piloted by a professional birdbrain who’s not pretending — he’s really mean, misplacing his mom’s name in the space of what he had for breakfast and the blue sky. I don’t know, it’s hard to see it. That’s because this is my illustration. Not Ron’s.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

We can’t compress enough or too much. We were one people at one time. We also = I. This is how the toy psyche writes more conscientiously touching on a couple of endearing dual roles in an algorithmic yet conscious translation; desultory of us to read and reread brutality extending to your one body and infinite ceilings, howling for the first time; insight is the rhymed whey.

Next, a glistening database is advanced by textuality. The underground = stick abstractions and collisions within a dominant tribal identity tracing out how to refine / displace your contempt. Classification will be adjoined by evolutionary adaptation passed on to descendants.

This break and entry taking place under a balloon holding beef jerky.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Citing a theory of clouds I cannot stress enough
Your card was de-activated.

It’s a perilous ‘was’ — let me give you a hand.

There’s high cognition in light opera

Observing very little community. To sketch out this space

Rules commit us to note all on a riddle gauge, parts of data solutions on the punishing ground looking up.

(I don’t mean that as deeply before we hand you over.)

Finish a stretch and the clouds get confused. Fuse the way

Danzig is the Wallace Stevens of evil urban clusters..

Ok, this is not Danzig. Clinically proven.
But theory is something else.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

You start along these lines,

There are West Coast pullovers

& a Heimlich shoulder blade, non personality
Well in back, favoring sleek objectives.

You’re wearing a scent of rosemary.

I’ve always been there waiting for the rush
Updrafts don’t even have, the time today
Our mouths can kill;

Your friend is smoking, “I’m
Wind blown,” he says turning
This way when we sit down
Before the mirror.

Monday, June 29, 2015

To want as well as have nothing
I shouldn’t ask did I live like that fly on the wall?

Surface depth. You shouldn’t expect me at all.
Self restraint & perverse incentives, an unknown future’s cart before
Facing great green bruising air with less but more to live for.. scruples-less!

New teachers turn up with stratagems, even newer phenomena
To run over, any & all mayhem will be unannounced (achieved)
Or they won’t be since we talk thru flexible models &

Already what you say takes us off the jet trail! quelling fear of pain.
You never can tell. I won’t.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

On the border of Marblehead, ornamental shrubs sometimes have presidents’ names or others’, Dukes of Zoroaster, Forex, a snort of a nice hint and of a finite nature exuding foundational values like a panderer. Just get by the comic bits; a shrub is a lone entity in a world dominated by luxury blooms.

Friday, June 26, 2015

In order to take on a galactic stare,
Occasional intoxicants
Every 10 yrs
                            A decade goes and still you are unattainable!

Say you’ll be back. A blast of cold air
Stoked by an airfare invasion.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Que faut-il? Des cris de règle de la majorité enfilées sur les zones communes /
Je possède le haut. Je me maquille à casser des histoires — One admits one’s a Nike athlete in a relaxed conservatory for work.. Le dernier d’un type dessous du pair, un type sur un voyage loin du soleil.
Pour se baigner = dormir comme le blé. I’m the last below par sort this far from letting one happen faster = to sleep like wheat. Après un certain temps: Ces crocs sont à la porte. Que-c’est un marin du prototype au bateau? After a while: Claws? What claws? What is proto-sailing? On est devenu complètement libéré des pronoms en début de l’adolescence, c'est annulée, tout le monde, c'est libéré
à long terme, affalé bien sous un tartan, juste aller dans les coulisses où ils ont mis sur le maquillage. Comme y un retour. You’re freed of pronouns in preadolescence, long voided, you’re longterm freed slumped under a tartan. Go back to Makeup. Donc on a adoré l'école primaire de plus que son père.
Plus tard, à Whole Foods, quelqu'un agitait. On respirait bas, au même rythme en agitant les bras. You liked primary grades more than your dad. Later, at Whole Foods, someone waved, breathing down, arms apace.
Panes of sunlight,
how many hours are we talking?